Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Handover Day!

Today is the day where we officially get the keys!

We met with David (or SS) and Hayley (our BC) on site (not in the PD offices) and walked through the house. The minor rectifications that were needed had mostly been performed. PD have kindly allowed us to install our flooring and then return to have the appliances fitted off, so that will be done at some time in the future.

Whilst walking around the house, David noted that he'd never seen such large smiles on peoples faces. He said he fears doing some walk throughs as some owners take it as an opportunity for 'pay back' (which is unfortunate as they should have spoken up earlier). I guess everyone's build experiences will be different. I am well aware that ours, with this house, have gone very smoothly indeed.

At the end of the day, we were very happy indeed!


  1. Congratulations! Great to see PD have happy customers like you.

    1. Thanks!

      I will admit that it was a smooth run for this build. The last time I built (1996) the builder went bankrupt on my birthday! So you could say that it took 18 years for me to be able to face the possibility of failure again!

      I have asked our Site Supervisor, our Building Coordinator and even some of the world of style staff, why we'd had such a smooth run.

      Their response was unanimous: Because you did your research and then let the build happen. We did not micromanage nor interfere, not make any substantial changes after the build started.

      We made two changes: Changed the way a door opened and moved the network bundle into the cloak room from the garage. I heard of one client who made over 20 changes, so many, they admitted that they could not remember what they'd asked for!

      We appointed an external, independent building inspector. I think that this is a mandatory step.

      That, and to be honest, I think a bit of luck too.